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Misty Robotics launches two new Misty II models

Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty II platform robot, have launched two additional Misty II models.

Customers can now choose between three models (Misty II Basic Edition, Misty II Standard Edition, and Misty II Enhanced Edition) based on the robot capabilities required for their given use case and budget.

Tim Enwall, CEO Misty Robotics, says: “Our introduction of additional models builds on our vision of a robot in every business, home and school, enabling more people to put Misty to work doing useful things.

“We are solidly focused on opening up access to robots and have taken down the traditional barriers around needing robotics expertise to work with a robot and the expense of building a robot from the ground up.”

The Misty II product line provides developers and their companies with a professional-grade platform robot that can take on a wide variety of assignments (use cases).

Building skills (robot applications) on all models is straight forward, using either the JavaScript or C# SDK complemented by maybe easy to understand docs, sample code and tutorials to get started. The Misty II lineup includes:

The Misty II Basic Edition is an affordable version of Misty II especially relative to the sophisticated technology packed inside. This Misty II is designed for assignments where a fully autonomous, self-charging robot; sophisticated mapping/SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping); and 3D images for AI and/or CAD are not required. Maps can be created by utilizing her time-of-flight sensors, bump sensors and IMU; absent SLAM Misty will automatically realize her location. Examples of where the Basic Edition is a nice fit include: STEM Education, Library Maker Spaces, Stationary Event Greeter, Stationary Concierge, Stationary Coach, SAR Therapy etc. The Misty II Basic Edition has an MSRP of $1,999.

The Misty II Standard Edition is the original Misty II model. The Standard Edition is designed for use cases that benefit from SLAM, 3D images for AI and/or CAD, and full robot autonomy made possible through auto charging. The Standard edition produces maps for an 800 – 1K sq. foot space. Maps can be linked together to cover a larger space. Examples of where the Standard Edition has a good fit include: Misty as a Companion, Personal Assistant, Roaming Greeter, Escort, Roaming Concierge, Roaming Coach, IoT Assistant, Technology/AI Education etc. The Misty II Standard Edition has an MSRP of $2,999.

The Misty II Enhanced Edition has all the capabilities of the Misty II Standard Edition “plus” provides an enhanced mapping capability. This Misty II model can take on assignments requiring SLAM and would benefit from maps covering a larger space of ~1600 – 2K sq feet. The Plus Edition’s greater mapping capability is thanks to its Open-Q™ 820Pro µSOM. Maps can be linked together to cover a larger space. Examples of Misty II Plus Edition assignments include: survey assistant, data collector, host and tour guide, security detector, facility monitor, and so on. The Misty II Enhanced Edition has an MSRP of $3,299.

Variety of markets

Since Misty II’s launch Fall of 2019, active work is being seen in a wide variety of markets including: eldercare, children’s hospitals, autism therapy, education, hospitality and more.

Customers including Group Salto, Astea, Fine Arts Miracle, Agile Cadence, RoboSolucio, and Unicast are bringing Misty to life in assignments ranging from eldercare solutions for both those aging-in-place and in assisted living facilities to socially assistive robots for kids with Autism to concierge and receptionist services and more.

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