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Brain Corp and Dane Technologies partner to build autonomous delivery solutions

Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence company specialising in robotics, and Dane Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of power assist solutions, have formed a technology partnership to manufacture autonomous material delivery robots for use in public and commercial applications.

Under the partnership, Dane Technologies will license BrainOS, a cloud-connected operating system for commercial autonomous robots, and begin building the delivery robots in Q2 2020. The two companies will pilot the robots with several major retailers this spring.

John Black, SVP of new product development for Brain Corp, says: “Dane Technologies has a successful track record of developing equipment for demanding retail and manufacturing environments, including the pioneering QuicKART shopping cart management system.

“They are a perfect partner to help bring accessible automation to this broad range of applications.”

The autonomous delivery robots are capable of operating across a variety of indoor public spaces, enabling the seamless transportation and delivery of goods from point to point.

Users of the machine can utilize a simple and intuitive “teach and repeat” approach to building routes, allowing for easy initial deployment and updates to delivery routes as the environment changes.

The robots enable workers to avoid pushing several hundred pounds of inventory from the back of a store to in-store displays, thereby increasing efficiency, lowering workers’ compensation-related injuries, and freeing up time for employees to serve customers.

Working with large-scale manufacturing partners, Brain Corp currently powers one of the largest fleets of autonomous mobile robots operating in public spaces in the world.

The company started with autonomous floor care machines and is now expanding its application portfolio by partnering with strategic original equipment manufacturers like Dane and others.

Dan Johnson, founder and CEO of Dane Technologies, says: “Brain Corp delivers an industry leading AI software platform that enables manufacturers like Dane to build easy-to-use autonomous solutions at scale.

“Our customers are looking for dependable automation solutions that can adapt to their changing operating environments and be implemented quickly and cost effectively. The Brain technology platform does not require custom infrastructure investments or specialized training.

“That allows these robots to deliver increased efficiency, safety, and a compelling return on investment to our clients almost immediately.”

To learn more and see the delivery robots in action, please visit Brain Corp (booth #1013) and Dane Technologies (booth #5014) at MODEX 2020, a major manufacturing and supply chain solution conference that is taking place today through Thursday in Atlanta, Georgia.

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