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Zymergen installs ‘dozens’ of miniature industrial robots from Mecademic

Zymergen, a science and materials innovation company based in California, has integrated “dozens” of Meca500 robots to automate experiments in their life sciences facility. (See video below.)

The Meca500 is a miniature industrial robot manufactured by startup company Mecademic. It has found a great number of applications in labs and industries such as watchmaking and medical technology.

Some predict that Mecademic has huge potential with its robot, especially in wtachmaking and medtech, especially as there is currently no other robot like it.

At the moment, Stäubli is the leading supplier of robots for the watchmaking and medtech industry, according to a report by Robotics and Automation News.

Zymergen says “flexibility, reliability, speed, and ease of integration” were a few reasons why the Meca500 maximized throughput and lowered costs for Zymergen’s lab automation processes.

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