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SICK launches versatile new software development platform

Sensors giant SICK has launched a new software development platform that it says is versatile enough to enable programmers to create solutions for the entire industrial process.

SICK says its AppSpace (see video below) offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers the “freedom and flexibility” to independently develop application solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of any task.

Whether it’s designing the ideal online user interface, selecting the most suitable programming technology, or distributing the sensor app on various SICK sensors, SICK says AppSpace gives developers the power to develop their own customized solutions.

Additionally, SICK’s App Space & Vision NOW can take a product such as a 2D or 3D vision camera and make it a solution by only using the vision tools necessary for the product to solve the application.

“This gives the user a simple graphical user interface on the front end while the software does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes,” says a spokesperson for SICK.

Among the many example applications, SiCK highlighted three, one of which is the 3D Belt Pick SensorApp.

One example shows how to increase the efficiency of packaging lines. For this, SICK offers the 3D Belt Pick solution. SICK’s 3D technology allows for reliable detection and gentle handling, based on the products’ true shapes. (See video below.)

Another example is the the PLOC2D, which is described as an easy to use and flexible part localization sensor system. (See video below.)

In the video, the InspectorP Rack Fine Positioning is shown as an easy-to-use yet flexible vision sensor that guides fine positioning of stacker cranes in X and Y.

The large measurement range allows for double-deep racking using the same sensor for both near and far range. (See video below.)

Main image via MVPro

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