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New Scale Robotics earns UR+ certification for its components

New Scale Robotics says its NSR-PG-10-20-URe Gripper/Caliper and NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount have received UR+ Certification from Universal Robots.

With this certification, UR confirms that it has tested and approved the products to work with UR e-Series collaborative robots to provide fast deployment, simple programming and reliable operation.

The NSR-PG-10-20-URe Gripper/Caliper is the smallest parallel gripper and the first robotic digital caliper for collaborative robots.

It leverages the UR e-Series’ high-speed RS-485 interface to deliver measurement precision of 2.5 µm (.0001 inch) and enable control of multiple tools on one robot.

The NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount allows up to three tools to be mounted and controlled on UR’s smallest e-Series robots, including the UR3e.

This allows the robot to perform multiple processes with fewer large moves, improving throughput and productivity.

Both components are part of New Scale Robotics’ new Q-Span Workstations, combining robotic pick-and-place with automated measurement of small parts and logging of data for analysis.

Configured with a UR3e collaborative robot, Q‑Span Workstations easily integrate into existing workflows in the QC lab or on the production floor of high-mix, small-batch manufacturing environments.

Q-Span Workstations allow QC teams to automate the tedious manual process of measuring parts, improving throughput and data accuracy.

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