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United Car Care Shares Reasons You Should Buy a Car from a Dealership

If you’re tempted to buy a car privately to save on dealership costs, consider the risks associated with buying a car from a private seller.

Buying a car privately is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and presents business risks not present when working with a reputable dealer.

In this article, United Car Care reviews why it is safer and easier to buy a car from a dealership.

Consumer Protection

Every state has its own set of laws and regulations that apply to used car dealers designed to protect consumers from fraudulent or unfair practices.

Typically, these laws apply to persons and companies that are in the business of buying and selling used vehicles regularly.

Accordingly, one-time private sellers are not normally subject to the enhanced consumer protection rules that apply to dealers.

Reputable dealers also know that their business depends on how they treat customers in view of the public.

Unlike private sellers might be, dealers are not motivated to make one shady deal that could destroy their business reputation in addition to leading to legal liability.

Transparent Pricing

While it is certainly true that you might often get a cheaper price from a private seller, there is no guarantee of a good, or even a fair, price.

Private sellers do not have the market knowledge that a dealer does about fair values and negotiating a price with a private seller can, therefore, become a frustrating challenge.

Many used car dealerships provide “no-haggle” pricing so that purchasers can comparatively shop with confidence and not face the potentially intimidating process of working back and forth on a price.


It would be very unusual for a private seller to agree to finance a vehicle purchase, as they are almost certainly looking for a cash sale.

However, when working with a used car dealership, purchasers often have many financing options available.

Many dealers provide in-house financing or represent lenders who handle financing through the dealer.

You will always want to evaluate all of your financing options, but a dealer can usually provide choices that a private seller will never have available.

Reporting and Certification

While you might be able to obtain a vehicle condition report on a private vehicle, almost all dealers will provide the report when you look at any of their vehicles.

Dealers also have first access to a wide variety of used vehicles, fleet vehicles, and rentals.

Depending on the age and model of the vehicle, many dealers provide certifications of the vehicle’s condition and maintenance.

Extended Warranty Options

Purchasers of used vehicles are usually interested in obtaining an extended warranty on a used vehicle, especially if the initial warranty period is expiring soon or has already run out.

Private sellers do not have the capacity to offer any choices on extended warranties or other coverage or policies.

Many dealers have relationships with extended warranty companies that allow them to provide options and attractive pricing on a variety of extended warranty coverages.

About United Car Care

United Car Care has worked with over a million satisfied customers and multiple dealers and agents in offering vehicle service contracts that provide reliable mechanical protection at an affordable cost.

Their customers are provided with the security of knowing that their product is backed by an A-rated insurer.

Customers also value United Car Care’s A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau which is evidence of the integrity of their service.

Over a million satisfied customers stand as a testimonial to United Car Care’s core values: quality, dependability, and customer service.

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