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Panasonic develops ‘multifunctional secure’ IC for industrial IoT

Panasonic has developed a multifunctional secure integrated circuit in response to the need for enhanced security measures to protect internet of things and industrial devices used in facilities such as factories and warehouses.

When installed in such devices, Panasonic says its new IC with unique encrypting functions will “boost their security”. The company will start sample shipments in February 2020.

The use of IoT devices has been growing rapidly in a variety of fields, requiring improved measures against increasingly sophisticated and diverse security attacks.

Conventionally, an authentication key is written from outside the IC and retained in the IC.

Panasonic’s new product, however, generates and retains a unique authentication key inside the IC and deletes it after use, blocking any interception of the key and effectively protecting important data.

Equipped with NFC, a wireless interface function, and a memory (ReRAM) that is highly resistant to radiation, the new multifunctional secure IC is also applicable to devices not connected to the internet and medical devices.

The product further secures the safety of the device over its entire life cycle, from manufacture to disposal or reuse, in addition to during use, contributing to achieving safe and secure IoT systems.

Panasonic says its new multifunctional secure IC has the following features:

  1. Improving the security resistance of data by generating and deleting a unique authentication key inside the IC each time.
  2. Equipped with NFC, a wireless interface function, and ReRAM that is highly resistant to radiation.
  3. Improving the safety of devices over their entire life cycle through cooperation with trust service providers.

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