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Fanuc to introduce new RoboNano ‘ultra precise’ machining tool

Fanuc is to introduce its new “RoboNano α-NTiA” at SPIE Photonics West 2020, February 4-6, in San Francisco, Booth #5684.

Designed to help manufacturers improve productivity, the RoboNano is described as an “ultra-precise machine tool offering the ultimate in finish quality for optical surfaces”.

Available in two models, including the new RoboNano α-NTiA for turning applications and the RoboNano α-NMiA for 5-axis milling and scribing / engraving, the RoboNano meets the requirements of the most demanding applications in the automotive, biomedical, and watchmaking industries.

At SPIE, the RoboNano α-NTiA will demonstrate turning of a lens core with optical quality and a perfectly flat surface.

The demonstration will highlight the machine’s ability to provide high-accuracy machining without imperfections, says Fanuc.

Both RoboNano models offer a 0.1 nm programming command resolution, and positioning stability to provide nanometer-level surface finishes and “extremely accurate” freeform surfaces, adds Fanuc.

The RoboNano meets Fanuc’s global standards for quality and reliability, and “sets the bar for speed, accuracy, and robust construction”.

Additional technologies include the latest Fanuc CNC and servo motors, and an HMI screen for operating peripheral devices.

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