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Now you can make Boston Dynamics’ robot dog as scary as you like with the new SDK

Boston Dynamics has launched a software development kit for its robot dog, Spot.

Already one of the scariest robots the world has ever seen, now the nightmare canine can be made even more terrifying by sick and twisted developers.

Boston Dynamics says the SDK enables a broad range of developers and non-traditional roboticists to communicate with the robot and develop custom applications that enable Spot to do useful tasks across a wide range of industries.

“From virtual reality control to automated registration of laser-scanning, connecting Spot’s data to cloud work order services, using edge computing to help Spot semantically understand its environment, and much more, the possibilities of integrations on Spot are many,” says Boston Dynamics.

Developers will still need to become part of the Early Adopter Program to lease the robot to execute their code, but all interested parties can now view the SDK and existing early adopters can open source their own code.

Boston Dynamics says it continue to update the SDK as the company adds capabilities with new software releases.

Michael Perry, Boston Dynamics VP of business development, says: “Spot’s early adopters have had robots in hand and on-site for a few months now, and we’re seeing an early adopter community come together to build solutions on the platform.

“There’s no better way to facilitate getting customers the tools they need to create exciting new applications for the robot than connecting the already vibrant and creative community already leveraging Spot.”

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