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BMW unveils one of the strangest cars ever designed

BMW has unveiled what could be described as one of the strangest cars ever designed.

The “BMW i Interaction EASE”, as it’s called, looks from the side to be shaped like a rectangular block with absolutely no aerodynamics integrated into it. But the front and back end do have some aerodynamic contours.

The autonomous weirdo was showcased at this year’s CES, with BMW saying that it “offers a glimpse into a future where autonomous driving has become commonplace”.

BMW says the concept car has deliberately been given an “abstract” exterior appearance in order to focus attention purely on the interior.

Not only is the cabin meant to give passengers the feeling of having already arrived at their destination while still en route, it also underscores the potential of intuitive, almost human-like interaction between passenger and vehicle.

The main feature here is the innovative gaze detection system in the BMW i Interaction EASE.

The vehicle’s artificial intelligence detects when a passenger fixes their gaze on an object outside the car and offers them relevant information on it or other ways to interact with it.

Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president BMW Group Design, says: “The BMW i Interaction EASE demonstrates what mobility might feel like in the future once autonomous driving becomes commonplace: luxurious, human, and intuitive.

“Passengers start their journey with the feeling of having already arrived.”

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