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Wagner Logistics implements inVia Robotics software in its Kansas warehouse

inVia Robotics, a provider of warehouse robotics, has implemented its artificial intelligence-driven automation software in Wagner Logistics’ Edgerton, Kansas warehouse.

inVia’s software includes the newly introduced inVia PickMate tool which it says “increases warehouse workers’ productivity and accuracy” by directing them to the most efficient route through the warehouse to take products from inventory to pack out.

In the coming months, Wagner plans to deploy inVia Picker robots to work in tandem with its warehouse workers to further automate its order fulfillment process.

A key component of inVia’s automation software is inVia Logic. It employs AI to map a customer’s warehouse and calculate the most efficient paths for moving goods through the fulfillment process, from replenishment to picking to put back.

inVia PickMate is a simple user interface that directs warehouse workers to follow these paths and pick accurate products to order bins, generally doubling productivity over manual processes.

Lior Elazary, CEO and co-founder of inVia Robotics, says: “inVia’s system will double Wagner’s warehouse workers’ productivity with the introduction of PickMate and then quadruple productivity with the addition of Picker robots.

“Scalability is critical in warehouse automation and we are excited to be able to offer incremental efficiency with the implementation of our software followed by our robots.”

When Wagner adds inVia Picker robots to its warehouse in the coming months, inVia’s software will continually adapt to provide optimized pick paths for both workers and robots, without the need for additional integration with Wagner’s Warehouse Management System.

Kyle VanGoethem, director of solutions at Wagner, says: “We wanted to upgrade our processes to keep a competitive edge. Our existing warehouse software fell short of the accuracy and productivity goals we want to achieve.

“We wanted smart technology that could meet our goals, grow with our business and integrate seamlessly into the warehouse. inVia checked every box.”

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