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Omron showcases new industrial robot with built-in AI

Omron has demonstrated a new industrial robot with built-in artificial intelligence at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The automation giant says its Omron i4 “next generation industrial robot” possesses embedded AI for predictive maintenance.

This self-diagnosing robot detects and communicates when it needs repairs and routine maintenance, adds Omron.

The robot was showcased along with a number of other innovations by Omron. Among them were robots, manufacturing equipment and sensors “designed to improve worker safety and satisfaction, boost efficiency, and produce higher quality products”.

Mike Chen, director of Automation Center Americas at Omron Automation Americas, says: “Each of the Omron automation technologies at CES demonstrate the ‘three I’s’ that we believe represent the future of manufacturing – integrated, intelligent and interactive.

“Omron automation technology enables the assembly of never-before-seen products and ensures products are safe and reliable and promotes a better environment and experience for workers.”

Forpheus, Omron’s table tennis-playing robot was also at the company’s CES stand. Forpheus also has in-built AI – not only to play table tennis, but also to “recognize and react to emotion in his human partner, which shapes more personalized coaching capabilities”.

Chen says: “Like any good coach, Forpheus now recognizes a player’s emotional state and level of motivation, and is more equipped to help players achieve peak performance.

“This intelligent technology can be utilized to teach skills and unleash human potential and can be used to save lives in settings such as nursing homes, where assessing emotions is critical for timely response.”

Omron also unveiled some initiatives in the healthcare sector.

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