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ABB launches new robot and controller

ABB is introducing a new harsh environment version of its IRB 1100 robot and OmniCore controller, designed with enhanced protection against water and dust.

The entire body of the new IRB 1100 model has an IP67 rating, with all electrical components sealed against contaminants.

This makes it resistant to water and provides the robot with “complete protection from dust ingress”, claims ABB.

For manufacturers, ABB says the new IP67 protection rating will enable the robot to be used in applications generating substantial dust, water and debris including 3C polishing, wet grinding, buffing and deburring.

ABB says the IRB 1100 is its “most compact and fastest robot, offering best-in-class repeatability”. The IRB 1100 is available in two variants – one with a 4 kg payload with 475 mm reach and the second with a 580 mm reach.

The new OmniCore C90XT extends the comprehensive OmniCore controller family, “bringing all the benefits of their best-in-class motion control and path accuracy to harsh environments”, says ABB.

The C90XT is a rugged yet compact controller with full IP54-rated protection enabling it to be installed in close proximity to dirty, wet and dusty processes. XT stands for “Extra Tough”.

The controller also offers extra internal space to support process-related equipment for communication, conveyor tracking and external axis, while its lean format enables it to be installed in tight spaces.

C90XT is the smallest high protection class robot controller in the industry, claims ABB.

Steven Wyatt, head of portfolio and digital at ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation, says: “The IRB 1100 has consistently outperformed similar robots in payload and position repeatability, while our OmniCore controller is already recognized for its best-in-class path accuracy and cycle times.

“Now with an enhanced protection rating for harsh environments, the IRB 1100 and C90XT controller are ready to take on the toughest workplaces, while maintaining the high standards of reliability and fast cycle times that our customers’ need.”

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