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Xsens unveils new motion tracking technology

Xsens, a provider of 3D motion tracking technology, has today announced the launch of Xsens DOT, a new precision motion tracking solution.

Xsens DOT is a wearable sensor development platform that enables innovators to develop and prototype new applications faster, especially in sports and healthcare.

The platform captures the most reliable and accurate data currently available and is backed by community support from Xsens product experts.

The Xsens DOT will be available for sale at CES Las Vegas on January 7 and brings Xsens’ patented sensor fusion technology to the innovator and inventor communities for the first time.

Combining a simple user interface, with high-accuracy motion tracking data, will enable developers to map bio-mechanical movement with greater precision and build the next generation of wearable applications.

Boele de Bie, general manager at Xsens, says: “Putting the same sensor fusion algorithm technology used in high-end motion tracking applications, such as 3D animation, into the hands of innovators and application developers, will be a game changer for many.

“It promises to open new opportunities to apply this technology to a range of new human interface applications in the rapidly growing area of the Internet of Moving Things, IoMT”.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in 3D motion tracking, Xsens has collaborated in the development of many leading-edge motion tracking applications including visual effects for movies, robotics, virtual reality and autonomous driving.

This new Xsens DOT platform gives entrepreneurs, innovators and developers the opportunity to prototype and develop their own motion-based ideas, applications and inventions, quickly and simply.

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