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Samsung rolls out new spherical robot at CES

Samsung has made a keynote presentation at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show which featured a number of robotic developments.

Samsung Consumer Electronics President and CEO, H.S. Kim, unveiled the company’s vision of robots as “life companions”, and introduced Ballie, a small, rolling robot that “understands you, supports you, and reacts to your needs to be actively helpful around the house”, according to Samsung.

Sebastian Seung, executive vice president and chief research scientist at Samsung Electronics elaborated on Ballie, explaining that its on-device artificial intelligence capabilities enable it to be a fitness assistant and a mobile interface that seeks solutions for people’s changing needs.

It does all this while “maintaining stringent data protection and privacy standards”, says Samsung.

Dr Seung says: “We believe AI is the future of personalized care.

“We see on-device AI as central to truly personalized experiences. On-device AI puts you in control of your information and protects your privacy, while still delivering the power of personalization.”

The company also highlighted a growing station for garden produce at home, which marks its entry into the emerging “vertical farming” market, and Bot Chef, a robotic food preparation assistant.

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