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Misty Robotics launches first Misty II app template for concierge use

Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty II platform robot, have launched the “Misty as a Concierge” application template, which provides developers with a starting point to build robot skills and put Misty II to work in the service sector.

The Misty II application templates are open source code for developers to build upon and customize for a specific assignment or task.

The Misty as a Concierge application template has utility in environments such as entertainment and sports venues, hotels, eldercare, retail, commercial real estate, museums, and more.

Ian Bernstein, founder and head of product of Misty Robotics, says: “Since the launch of Misty II, we have received interest for a variety of use cases and wanted to provide developers a fast and easy way to get started using Misty in a business environment.

“One of the most popular requests has been to use Misty as a concierge or office greeter so we created the Misty as a Concierge application template to give developers a starting point to accelerate deployment.

“With more utility application templates planned in 2020, we will continue to support our mission to help the community make robots a useful part of our daily lives in business and personal settings.”

The Misty as a Concierge application template leverages the robot’s ability to detect humans in the robot’s presence, greet them, and interact with them to provide information and responses to their questions by integrating with third-party API’s such as Wolfram Alpha, FourSquare, and so on.

Developers can extend the utility of the concierge skill with other capabilities such as reservations, point of sale systems, call for assistance, directions, etc.

The application templates created by Misty Robotics will consist of the code that facilitates the skill, an implementation guide as well as a recorded workshop on how to use it.

While initially seeded by Misty Robotics, templates will be supported and maintained by the community where developers are invited to extend the utility of the application and contribute their own code.

The Misty as a Concierge application template has practical use in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Hospitality: Hotels (in room and lobby), luxury suites in entertainment venues
  • Eldercare: Facilities (in room, lobby, central gathering rooms), individual homes
  • Retail: Front desk, non-staffed locations – for example, printing desk, floor displays – for example, a new car showroom, in-store display
  • Commercial real estate: Front lobby, meeting rooms, visitor centers
  • Healthcare: Hospitals (in room and lobby), doctors’ offices
  • Education: School lobby, Front offices
  • Museums: Front lobby, specialized installations
  • Marketing: Events and activations

The Misty as a Concierge application template can be downloaded at

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