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Buying a Used Ford: VIN Search Is a Must

Henry Ford was a great industrialist and businessman. He reinvented the notion of the American automobile industry by his Ford Motor Company.

This brand has become popular not only in the United States but also all around the world.

Purchasing a new Ford from a salon might be expensive and simply unnecessary.

Many people prefer buying used cars. If you are in search of a good Ford car or truck, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find all the necessary information to make a beneficial purchase.

VIN code

The first thing you need to know is the VIN code of the desired Ford vehicle. Everybody wants a great car at the lowest price. However, how can a person make sure that everything is in order?

There are many frauds now who sell stolen illegal cars. Moreover, some sellers just conceal unpleasant information about the vehicle to keep a high price tag.

VIN code is the solution to all your problems. Doing Ford VIN lookup, you will see everything about a vehicle in the form of a vehicle history report.

What information will I get in a free VIN lookup?

It is a logical question. Here is the list of things the report after VIN check usually covers:

Owner information

You will be able to see who is the legal owner of the car. Moreover, it will show if the car is legal or stolen. Even if the price is low and the conditions of the vehicle are great, only buy a car from the official owner.

Accidents and Repairs

You will also be able to establish whether the car was ever repaired or involved in an accident. Even if it is not a deal-breaker, you will be able to buy a car at a lower price.


This criterion is one of the most important when it comes to used Ford vehicles. If you have a certain limit in mind, you will be able to save a lot of time reviewing all available cars.

Where can I find a VIN code?

We have already established that doing the VIN check before purchasing a used Ford is a responsible thing. But where can one find this code? Usually, VIN of a Ford car or truck can be found on the external slam panel. However, if it is not there, here are several places you could check:

  • Left and right based on windshields.
  • Driver-side footwell.
  • The label on a frontal door.
  • The external bulkhead.

In this perspective, VIN is an identification code of a Ford vehicle that will provide you all the necessary information. Be sure to make a check before buying any used Ford car or truck. It will save you a headache in the future.


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