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Using iMac Mockup to Provide the Right Narrative

If you really want to entice clients with your digital product, you have to be able to tell a story through your asset. The iMac mockup is the best storyboard.

It is not enough that you can design a great website or digital product. You also need to be able to package it well so that people, particularly clients, will be on board with your project.

Fortunately, now is the best time to be digital product designer because of the myriad ways one can showcase their project. One such way is through the iMac mockup, which could be the best canvas because of the many templates available.

It is the best time to be a designer because a lot of websites also offer free mockups that could provide a great narrative for your digital product. One such website is user experience specialist UX Planet.

The company offers a lineup of iMac mockups in PSD and Sketch in various molds like the clay style, as well as various realistic mockups. There is also flat design shown in different perspectives.

There is a specific mockup PSD for a particular product. You can use any other mockup template but there just some templates that could provide a different edge to some web designs and any other digital products.

Online digital site Ramotion store also has its own lineup for iMac mockup, mostly clay ones in PSD file and Sketch. The lineup is great for showing off and enriching your already wonderful design.

Satisfied clients raved about how the Ramotion mockups are very helpful during crunch time and how they could improve presentations.

While there are a lot of mockup templates available online, there might be some who are interested in making their own. Here are the best mockup software according to TechRadar.

Why the iMac mockup works for you

The large screen is definitely one of the reasons why the iMac works best as a canvas. This way, your design will be emphasized. If there are problems, it can easily be seen.

On the part of the clients, they can immediately see what they don’t like – but this is not necessarily a deal breaker. This just means that they can give you an honest feedback about what you can do to improve your product.

There are also so many tableaus that feature the iMac. This is because majority of the people work and the iMac is the best kind of Apple device to work on. Again, it goes back to the iMac screen.

There is also a lot of power in the Apple iMac. It also helps that Apple products has the Retina display, which indicates high resolution.

When downloading mockups, make sure you get the PSD file because it is always easier to work with Smart Objects. This means that you have to edit per layer. Smart layers mean that the original item will not be affected by the editing made because it is applied per layer. The good thing about that is that your product will not be pixelized.

How narrative works

The photorealistic iMac showcases realistic images or videos. So this will work well for your digital product especially if you are trying to feature some artwork, a lot of images and some videos. In this type of mockup, there are tableaus available in order to tell a story. A narrative will definitely enrich your digital product.

One very famous mockup templates are those that showcase the work desk – whether it is your desk at home or in the office. The story will depend on the accessories you showcase on the desk.

If you want to showcase a more feminine digital product like a website for a female-oriented company, then find a mockup template that implies femininity. One example would be showing a woman actually working on the computer with your design already edited into the iMac screen. Perhaps you could provide pink accessories like a pink mug, pink pens with funky pen accessories and pen notebook.

Yes, it’s a cliché to use pink in order to showcase femininity but when it comes to mockups, you have to play with clichés. You have to be able to sell your digital product without having to talk about it because you don’t know if you will actually be allowed to talk. You have to assume the worst.

For digital products that are aimed at corporations and employees, then the workspace mockup is the perfect canvas. If you are targeting companies in the design world, then you need to accessories with things that designers need. If this is about technical design, the iMac Pro mockup will work, too.

The world of design is wide reaching, though, so if you are creating a product for fashion designers, then pieces of cloths could great accessories along with a book of design of sorts. If you are creating a product for interior designers then you add layers like design sketches tucked on boards, and so on.

Choosing the right mockup

Just because there are so many available mockups in the internet, it doesn’t mean that you can just choose the first one you see or the first beautiful tableau you can spot. No!

Choosing a mockup involves a lot of thinking. You want a mockup that will help share the narrative of your digital product.

There are also other times when tableaus just don’t work. If you want to emphasize your design and nothing else and that accessories would only take away focus on your product, then go for the simple clay or flat design.


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