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Techman Robot unveils AI vision and TMmanager at 2019 iREX

Techman Robot has returning to iREX (International Robot Exhibition), taking place in Japan from today, unveiling its new technologies for smart manufacturing.

From human-computer collaboration in the production line, to a quick solution for smart palletizing, and also AI-integration with vision which greatly improves inspection efficiency.

Techman Robot also grows further into software-based solution, TMmanager, a smart factory management system that can connect manufacturing data with management decisions.

Robotic arm with AI vision

This year, Techamn Robot develops the industry’s first integration of advanced AI vision ad traditional machine in a single robotic system.

techman robot hm

The advantages of this integration can eliminate the need for additional controllers, manpower, time and money that requires in past.

The built-in vision system in TM Robot can also be integrated with light, industrial camera and sensor to capture more precise images.

The AI deep learning method is also used to accurately identify the shape, type and color of an object, to further enhance inspection efficiency and improve in automated production.

Techman Robot hopes to advance technologies in inspection quality and accuracy that coevrs all types of industries.

The inspection data can also be used as a guide to help factories transform into a digitalized smart factory.

Software-based solution – TMmanager

TMmanager, is a smart factory management system that offers total control over factory processes, data, and equipment. It is automated software that consists of real-time system monitoring and data analysis.

The Arm Management System (RMS) is also exclusively developed in order to connect TM Robot with TMmanager seamlessly, providing immediate status and operation of the robotic arm.

Functional modules of factory automation equipment, such as Shop Floor Control System can also be effectively managed.

TMmanager is designed with intuitive, easy user-customized dashboard.

Techman Robot says: “Aside from developing cobot applications, we consider ourselves as a software company.

“From investing in AI vision technology to creating a smart factory management system, we are the best partner for intelligent manufacturing in terms of virtual integration for manufacturers.”

A Japanese research company, Fuji Keizai predicts that by 2025, the global market scale for manufacturing robots in factories will expand 2.5 times from 2018, reaching 2.8675 trillion JPY ($26 billion).

The collaborative robot market size in 2019 will also grow by approximately 30% compared to 2018, reaching 78.2 billion JPY ($714 million).

Techman Robot is proactively developing local distributors in Japan, while also working together with a Japanese company, Omron, in strategic sales.

“We currently have two distributors and several system integrators which have successfully entered the market with Japanese automobile manufacturers,” says Techman in a statement.

“In the future, we will continue to expand our development to more industries such as food and cosmetics. Techman Robot is ready to help more businesses around the world to transform towards the age of industrial 4.0 of smart manufacturing.”

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