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Realtime Robotics extends technology relationship with Mitsubishi Electric

Realtime Robotics, a developer of responsive motion planning software for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles, is expanding its partnership with Mitsubishi Electric.

The company is to develop a “custom integrated solution” that pairs Realtime Robotics’ smart motion planning technology with Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial and collaborative robot product lines.

The intelligent robots will be on display at iREX later this month and there will be a series of demonstrations showcasing the motion-planning technology in action.

Despite the growing demand for automation, multi-robot work cells continue to require complicated, time-consuming, and costly programming, which prohibits the automation of new tasks.

The custom Mitsubishi Electric seamless stackable solution significantly reduces work cell development time and costs while reducing cycle time with interlock-free, collision-free autonomous planning.

The joint solution delivers the productivity and efficiency gains that increased automation has promised but failed to deliver as yet.

Incorporation of Realtime’s technology enables industrial robots to work safely in dynamic, unstructured environments, allowing the robots to evaluate millions of alternative motion paths to avoid a collision and choose the optimal route before making a move, all in milliseconds.

The integrated robots will be demonstrated at Mitsubishi Electric’s booth (S1-03) at iREX in Tokyo (December 18-21) and will be commercially available in 2020.

Peter Howard, CEO, Realtime Robotics, says: “Our shared vision with Mitsubishi Electric is to help robots realize their potential in industrial settings. We are excited to unveil our motion planning technology coupled with Mitsubishi Electric’s robots at iREX, removing many of the boundaries to greater robotic automation.”

Satoshi Takeda, senior deputy general manager of Nagoya Works, Mitsubishi Electric, says: “Smart manufacturing requires productive and safe robotic systems. With Realtime’s innovative motion planning technology, together, we will be able to transform industrial automation.”

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