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NextShift Robotics develops interface connection to SVT Robotics software platform

NextShift Robotics has developed a new interface connection with SVT Robotics, provider of a universal software platform that minimizes the labor and expense involved in integrating robotic solutions with business systems.

For NextShift, SVT Robotics software creates universal connectivity to major warehouse management systems. It provides a pre-built integration bridge between businesses of all sizes and NextShift’s autonomous mobile robots.

SVT is said to be “the fastest, simplest way to connect any company to any robot”, and its technology cuts down barriers to adoption by easily linking NextShift’s advanced autonomous mobile robot workflow software with the existing WMS and other systems installed at distribution, manufacturing and fulfillment centers.

SVT is also said to dramatically reduce implementation time, and, therefore, time to value for the NextShift solution. NextShift software plugs into SVT’s platform, which has existing integrations with major WMS products and versions.

NextShift’s fundamentally unique solution to optimizing piece-picking workflows leverages the power of autonomous mobile robots to drive a two- to three-times improvement in fulfillment throughput.

The NextShift system allows workers and robots to operate completely independently from each other in picking and fulfilling orders, thereby eliminating idle time and other inefficiencies found in existing “Follow-me, Lead-me, and Wait-for-me” solutions.

A.K. Schultz, CEO of SVT Robotics, says: “Traditionally, automation implementation is complicated, costly, and slow, and often limits companies to specific solutions.

“With SVT’s platform, companies can deploy new technology like NextShift in just a few months”

Mary Ellen Sparrow, CEO NextShift, says: “SVT Robotics is the perfect partner for removing barriers to adoption.

“SVT creates faster time to value by making the robot-to-warehouse software connection entirely flexible, time-efficient, and budget friendly.”

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