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Cyber Security: Should We Be Afraid of Robotization?

One of the major trends that will determine the development of business and society for the coming decades is the introduction of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, drones, industrial automation. These technologies will help businesses to improve the effectiveness of many processes, but they also expose companies to new threats.

A robot for automating business processes is software that runs on a user’s computer. Choose the antivirus for your computer and ensure the safety of your personal information right now with best free antivirus 2019.

It imitates human actions, performing tasks according to specific rules written in its algorithm. Robots process electronic documents, tables, interact with accounting systems, online resources, and correspondence.

Where the robots are

Office processes robotization allows business owners to reduce costs by 20-40 percent in repeatable, algorithmic data processing activities. These are HR functions and finances, supply chain management, and sales information technology, customer support. Automation increases the reliability and accuracy of operations.

It lifts peak loads in the process of closing the period, data migration during the implementation of IT systems. Also, it improves the quality of the audit and reduces the level of operational risks. Robotized programs are easy to master for users who are not IT professionals.

In the next five years, artificial intelligence will be responsible for half of the work at world enterprises. By 2022, the share of functions performed by robots will be 42 percent, according to today’s tendencies in acquiring robotized workforce in the labor market. In comparison with the future, currently, there is one robot per every four human employees.

Out of all the industries, artificial intelligence will be in high demand in the IT segment. About 62 percent of all robots will concentrate there. Also, autonomous systems will be needed in industries associated with the design and assembly of automatic equipment.

It is noteworthy that artificial intelligence will enter densely into areas that used to be considered exclusively human. For example, there already are robotized processes in communication, managerial decision making, and project coordination.

Beyond manufactures

As of today, robots are becoming a part of human life, making it much more convenient for us. As an example of cooperation between artificial intelligence and humans, there are smart refrigerators that can order food for their owners based on the repetitive preferences of the latter.

The Korean brand Samsung takes a similar direction in its development. According to the product developers, the device they are working on will independently analyze the contents of the shelves and order the missing positions in the online store using a Wi-Fi connection.

The development of technology in the field of trade can lead to the possibility that in the future, drones will deliver food to our homes. The process of refilling the provision will barely require human efforts.

Caution points

Meanwhile, the transfer of a business to the tracks of artificial intelligence, in addition to profit, carries significant risks. First of all, this concerns the theft of personal data, which can potentially lead to huge financial losses. According to various estimates, only last year, the world economy lost about a trillion dollars due to cyber attacks.

Internet users leave a noticeable digital mark, which may carry risks. Even the most accurate and cautious person leaves traces on the Internet, and the information that they share in the digital space can be easily hacked. The global web contains all the data: medical profiles, tax accounts, and one’s apartment bills.

Even toys for children are equipped with surveillance cameras. The digitization process cannot be stopped, but tools must be created to help minimize damage. In this regard, every user should keep personal data secure and make sure their antivirus software is up to date.

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