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Doosan details its robotic solutions for the automotive industry

Doosan Robotics has been detailing the collaborative robotic solutions it has to offer the automotive industry.

After launching its products globally last year, Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robots have been utilized in various industries, such as metal, electrical, electronics and logistics, while showing distinctive achievements especially in the automotive industry.

Doosan Robotics says it has “already secured many global automotive companies” as its clients, including Hyundai Motor Group, Mahle, Continental and Eaton as well as major automotive parts manufacturers.

In vehicle manufacturing, Doosan collaborative robots can be applied in mainly two broad categories:

  1. auto part manufacturing; and
  2. finished vehicle assembly.

In auto part manufacturing, Doosan cobots can help produce and assemble major parts of a vehicle and conduct visual inspections.

In finished vehicle assembly, Doosan cobots can be applied to exterior polishing and vehicle labeling.

Workers cooperating with Doosan cobots have maximized productive efficiency by improving product quality and optimizing their workspaces.

Doosan says its collaborative robots are “demonstrating the vision of automotive production solutions”.

Specifically, Doosan lists a number of areas where collaborative robots could be implemented, including:

  • vehicle seat inspection;
  • polishing;
  • surface quality inspection;
  • wheel bolt assembly;
  • push-button testing;
  • transmission part assembly; and
  • gluing on materials.

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