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Automation and digitalization will re-shape the logistics industry, says DHL

DHL, the world’s largest logistics company, has highlighted technologies such as robotics and digitalisation in a new strategy, which it unveiled at its Bering Technology Campus – or “Smart Warehouse” – in the Netherlands.

“Automation and digitalization will re-shape the logistics industry”, says DHL, and these technologies are central to the company’s Strategy 2025, launched by Oscar de Bok, CEO DHL Supply Chain last week amid ever-greater challenges facing the logistics industry.

DHL Supply Chain already runs one of its Smart Warehouses and serves customers across Europe with “highly automated and digitalized” contract logistics solutions.

During a media briefing de Bok gave fresh insights into the strategies and innovations the business unit is deploying for Strategy 2025.

Oscar de Bok, CEO DHL Supply Chain, says: “DHL Supply Chain is not just the leading contract logistics provider in the world, we’re a leader in digitalization and innovation as well.

“As we continue to grow alongside the market, our customer-focused approach enables us to transform innovative ideas into scalable and commercially viable products that we can roll-out across the regions.

“The Smart Warehouse at our Technology Campus in Beringe is a prime example of how we deploy smart solutions to create immediate value for the customer and for our employees.”

The new business Strategy 2025 mainly focuses on four areas: when it comes to people and talent, DHL is focusing on how to overcome labor shortage and attract new talent, while at the same time preparing, training and certifying existing employees for the changes digitalization will bring.

De Bok says: “Our people and the way we train and manage them are a competitive advantage for us.”

“On the execution side, standardization and constantly improved processes will lead to more profitable growth, while customer experience, especially the digital customer journey, are becoming more important than ever.

“Leading innovations and digitalization are the connecting element above all.”

Markus Voss, CIO and COO DHL Supply Chain, says: “What sets us apart is our drive to track down innovation and bring the results quickly and comprehensively into operation.

“Attracting new talents is a crucial step towards adapting to the digitalization of the logistics industry. Equally important is committing to data-backed, agile collaboration and balancing customers’ demand for fast and transparent services with businesses’ need to reduce costs.

“With Strategy 2025 we aim for putting our people and customers first and maximizing the pace of product roll-outs to take these opportunities head on.”

The Technology Campus in Beringe boasts 128,000 sq m of warehouse space equipped with 100 loading docks that see 200-250 inbound and outbound trucks per day.

This campus serves globally leading technology companies as pan-european distribution hub and the local team orchestrates the global supply chains of DHL customers.

The campus, which is certified by the Transported Asset Protection Association, relies on a variety of innovative specialized tools, including processing and sorting machines, augmented reality technology, robotic arms, indoor robotic transport, and the next generation of scanning mobile devices.

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