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Cleveron launches its ‘most compact’ robotic parcel store

Cleveron has launched the new Cleveron 403, a compact parcel robot specifically designed for smaller format stores.

The compact size and affordable price make the robotics-based click and collect solution an effective alternative to manual parcel handout and to traditional parcel lockers.

Cleveron 403 saves expensive store space – the smallest model holds 157 parcels on just 6 sq m. It acts as a self-service pickup, issuing a parcel to the client in 10 seconds.

Cleveron’s CEO, Arno Kütt, explained that the company’s newest product was created for smaller stores or logistics companies who do not have the necessary parcel flows to suit the larger robotics-based solutions.

Kütt says: “Our parcel robots are used by the world’s largest retailers who need to hand out hundreds or thousands of online orders in one day.

“E-commerce is growing and smaller business and logistics companies also need to start automating their parcel handling processes.

“However, they are not yet in a place where our larger solutions would be effective – there are not that many parcels a day or there simply isn’t enough room.

“For example, our pickup tower is 5 meters high! Cleveron 403 is designed to effectively automate smaller parcel volumes, and it can be installed in small and narrow areas.

“And robotics-based technology makes the complete parcel handling process quick and convenient.”

Cleveron 403 has a smart storage system which stores the parcels inside the machine accordingly to their height, maximising the storage space. The smallest model holds 157 parcels on just 6 sq m.

Compared to the traditional parcel locker, which normally is the first step in click and collect automation, the parcel robot has a much smaller footprint.

This means that expensive retail space can be used for sales activities, not for storage.

With Cleveron 403, the parcel insertion and pickup are completed through one user console, which makes the loading process quicker for the courier or a store associate and offers a convenient customer experience for the end-user.

The courier or a store associate can load all the parcels from one console, without having to go back-and-forth between the console and the doors as it happens with a traditional parcel locker.

This results in a considerable win in time with each parcel insertion.

The customer can retrieve their parcel from the parcel robot without needing any additional help. They simply scan their order code or enter the PIN and the robot will issue their parcel in 10 seconds, says Cleveron.

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