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Scania teams up with Combient network to tap into ‘huge potential’ of automation and AI

Scania says its partnership with the Combient Foundry is intended to tap into the “huge potential” of automation and artificial intelligence in the transportation industry.

The Combient network, which Scania is part of, is a cross-Nordic industry collaboration that aims to accelerate transformation in areas like automation, artificial intelligence, analytics and open innovation.

A part of Combient is the Foundry which connects startups with Nordic industry leaders, enabling the co-creation of new services and solutions.

Scania is a large industrial player and a leader in the heavy transport industry. It says the industry is facing a lot of both challenges and opportunities with big technology shifts and new business models ahead.

Scania is looking to different paths to drive change, both within its own production and logistics as well as with regards to the new solutions it offers. Several of these paths include joining forces with other players to co-develop new solutions.

Karin Gustafsson, manager, digital transformation at Scania, says: “The pace of change is fast in areas like automation and artificial intelligence and the upside in deploying these technologies is great in terms of efficiency.

“Working with other companies – big and small – to share experiences and build partnerships is very important for us on our journey towards a sustainable transport system.”

Teaming up with Combient and Combient Foundry is an example of a cooperation that enables an exchange with other large industrial companies in the Nordics, which helps make sure the region stays competitive on the global arena.

It also allows these larger companies, Saab, Stora Enso, KONE and Husqvarna Group to mention a few, to tap into the entrepreneurship of the impressive startup scene.

Karin Gustafsson at Scania, says: “So far, the efficiency gains in creating, visualising and using industrial data and data from vehicles in use are largely still untapped.

“The potential of the digital revolution, in combination with electrification and automation is huge in the ecosystem of transport and logistics and it does not only make business sense but it also supports the transformation to sustainable transport.”

Lauri Lehtovuori at Combient Foundry, says: ”We are building scalable projects with Nordic industry leaders and the best startups around the world.

“Through the Foundry framework, startups win by getting global companies as their reference clients without a hassle. Combivent companies win by gaining in execution speed and working with the best teams as they are transforming industries.”

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