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Arch Systems partners with Flex for manufacturing data transformation

Arch Systems has formed a partnership with Flex to develop systems to enable data transformation in its manufacturing operation.

The companies says that innovative data extraction from legacy and new machines will help drive production efficiencies, process automation and predictive analytics across Flex sites.

Arch Systems is a provider of a leading machine-data-sensing platform compatible with both legacy and new industrial machines.

The agreement with Flex, the global supply chain and manufacturing company, is to supply real-time access to and analysis of manufacturing data at its facilities.

Gus Shahin, chief information officer at Flex, says: “We’re deploying Arch’s technology at key digital factories to capture the relevant analytics and help us drive production efficiencies, process automation and predictive analytics.

“Arch can pull raw data from existing and new machines to help us generate actionable metrics, one of the core competencies of our digital factory.

“As part of our Industry 4.0 journey, we are excited to partner with Arch and leverage its leading-edge technology.”

Andrew Scheuermann, CEO and co-founder of Arch Systems, says: “Flex and Arch form a powerful combination.

“As a global manufacturing leader, Flex is leveraging the value of accurate, real-time supply chain information to drive efficiency and innovation for its customers, while empowering live machine data and a data exchange to further embrace Industry 4.0 on the factory floor.

“Flex owns and operates a broad portfolio of new and legacy production machines, which posed a challenge in the Industry 3.0 world.

“Through our partnership and the Arch Factory Exchange, this is becoming an unmatched asset to achieve flexible, intelligent manufacturing. This is just the beginning.”

Facilitating advanced capabilities around automation, robotics and smart machines requires data integration and standardization within and across each line.

To help accomplish this, Arch is rolling out its enterprise-level machine-data-sensing platform, ArchFX, at Flex’s manufacturing sites globally, extracting and transforming raw machine data into a global standard.

On top of this foundation, Flex and Arch are creating standardized KPIs, such as global overall equipment efficiency and Industry 4.0 applications like predictive maintenance and end-to-end product traceability.

These capabilities are driven by real-time information, advanced analytics and AI to help manufacturing move forward in the spirit of Industry 4.0.

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