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TRAPO’s new transport shuttle brings ‘new flexibility’ to palletising

Logistics technology provider TRAPO says its new transport shuttle brings “new flexibility” to the palletising zone and warehouse.

The TRAPO Transport Shuttle, part of the company’s TTS series, transports loads of up to 2,000 kilograms, with higher load capacity available on request.

TRAPO says the TTS is based on a modular principle and can be flexibly configured: size, energy transmission and storage, drive and navigation.

At the high-bay warehouse, one or more TRAPO Warehouse Shuttle take over as required and safely store the petrochemical products such as boxes, sacks or barrels.

TRAPO presented the TTS at the recent K event in Germany, along with several of its other technologies, including its web-based business intelligence portal TRAPO Intelligent Management System.

The company also presented its high-performance palletizer, the HLP 6000, which is a modular system that “can be adapted to any room situation”, according to TRAPO.

In a statement, the company says: “Up to now, a lot of change was required to realize complex layer images, so in contrast to pusher systems, the HLP 6000 forms complex layer images, lays down perfectly, rotates and acts.

“Any layer images and different formats. Up to 10 layers per minute and on average up to 6,000 packaging units per hour.”

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