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BA Systemes unveils new ‘compact and robust’ AGV

Logistics technology company BA Systemes has unveiled what it describes as a “compact and robust” automated guided vehicle for warehouse operation, mainly to handle pallets. (See video below.)

The company says its GF 10.1 AGV has been designed to be “modular and easily adaptable” to the various specificities of its customers.

BA Systemes says the new AGV can handle all types of pallets, from traditional Euro pallets to GMA pallets with perimeter base.

The AGV has found favour with customers on the North American, South American and European regions, says BA Systèmes.

In a statement, BA Systemes says: “Robust, the GF 10.1 is a commercial success with many solutions deployed by BA Systèmes in various sectors of activity such as cosmetics or agri-food.

“Agile and space-saving, it can easily operate in narrow environments.”

The GF 10.1 is available with a number of features, including:

  • Last drop-off level at 1 meter or 1m 50cm as an option;
  • Compatible with all major battery technologies (lead and Lithium);
  • Available with all charging modes (manual charging, manual battery change, automatic battery change, opportunity charging); and
  • 360-degree safety equipment and a complete package of obstacle detection options.

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