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HERA partners with UBTECH to develop humanoid robots

The Human Empowering Robots Alliance (HERA) has agreed a strategic partnership with UBTECH Robotics to jointly offer intelligent humanoid service robots to the most tech-savvy businesses in Europe.

HERA consists of Génération Robots, Intuitive Robots and Avatarion, three European pioneers in humanoid robot software development, announced

In a joint press release, the two sides highlighted some of the technologies that will form the basis of their partnership.

Cruzr – an autonomous humanoid robot

At a height of 120 cm and weighing 45 kg, Cruzr is a cloud-based intelligent humanoid robot that provides a wide range of service applications for various industrial environments, such as retail stores, banks, airports, hospitals and hotels.

Compared to its competitors and predecessors, Cruzr offers more advanced features, like a tablet with higher resolution, better cameras for effective face and product recognition.

One of its most notable features is navigation: Cruzr is one of the only humanoid robots that able to navigate to points of interest thanks to its real-time mapping and positioning technologies.

Spark – core AI software and apps

Cruzr is now available in Europe with an AI software solution called SPARK. Created by Intuitive Robots, SPARK manages to seamlessly integrate and adapt the most advanced AI conversational agents (Chatbots) based on natural language understanding and machine learning.

Combined with the best knowledge technologies from the Web used by smart speakers, SPARK provides rich, smart and useful interactions with robots. In addition, SPARK has already helped Cruzr connect to the IoT world and third-party services.

Cruzr’s features, including the navigation, combined with those of the Chatbots provide amazing interactions with end-users, while enabling companies to enrich their omnichannel strategy.

Franck Calzada, CEO of Intuitive Robots, says: “We believe that Cruzr robots from UBTECH, combined with SPARK AI solution will bring robotics to a new era.

“Customers do not only want robots to be beautiful, they want them to be affordable, efficient, smart, and useful for their business too.”

Jérôme Laplace, CEO of Génération Robots, says: “We want HERA to be the main entry-point for Cruzr to enter Europe, where companies can finally access a global service robotic offer.

“It includes robots equipped with the best software solutions on the market and a wide range of services provided by robotic experts.”

Jean-Christophe Gostania, CEO of Avatarion Technology, says: “This alliance is essential for Europe to strengthen its position in humanoid robotics global market.”

Sean Qin, UBTECH regional sales director, says: “Partnering with HERA, who is a leader in humanoid robot business in Europe and share our passion for innovation, is a natural fit for UBTECH Robotics. I believe this strategic cooperation will bring more cutting-edge robotic solutions to our European customers.”

Main picture (from left): Jean-Christophe Gostanian, Avatarion CEO; Jérôme Laplace, Génération Robots CEO; Sean Qin, UBTECH regional sales director; Franck Calzada, Intuitive Robots CEO. In the foreground is the Cruzr robot.

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