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Sharp sends 36 tiny humanoid robots to Japanese hotel to help guests

Electronics company Sharp has sent 36 tiny humanoid robots to a hotel in Osaka, Japan to help guests with various information requirements.

The Henn na Hotel Kansai Airport took delivery of the three dozen communication robots called “RoBoHoN”.

Each room has a seating type “RoBoHoN lite”, which provides information on hotel facilities and guest rooms.

This time, the “Robophone” adopted as the hotel guest room concierge will be equipped with a multilingual guide function for the first time, and will provide customers with various information in four languages ​​(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean).

Sharp and HIS Hotel Holdings have entered into a business alliance in the hotel industry, where labor shortages are becoming more serious, with the aim of accelerating efforts toward “unmanned hotel guidance services” while maintaining the quality of services.

As the first step, Sharp will jointly consider the creation of new guest room solutions using the Robophone delivered this time, and will gradually promote the introduction to other facilities at HIS Holdings.

Both companies will continue to work to further improve the efficiency of hotel guidance business by utilizing AI and ICT technology in addition to robots.

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