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Nachi-Fujikoshi having a big impact with its small robot

Nachi-Fujikoshi is having a big impact with its small robot since its launch at the start of this year, and is likely to beat its annual sales targets going forward.

Nachi says the new MZ01 Ultracompact Robot is the “world’s smallest vertically articulated robot with a payload of 1 kg”.

The company is likely to beat its sales target of 3,000 units a year.

The company says demand for the tiny machine and similar robots is growing rapidly, especially in the fields of electric machinery, electronics, and EMS.

Nachi-Fujikoshi made a full-scale entry into the compact robot market in 2013 with the “MZ07”, which it describes as “the world’s fastest and lightest compact robot model”.

Since then, Nachi has broadened its lineup of compact robots by adding new models to the MZ Series and launching the EZ Series wing slicer robots in the market.

It has further expanded its market share with the launch of the new “MZ01”, which is designed to meet space-saving demands in the electric machinery, electronics, and EMS fields for applications that involve the handling of small component workpieces weighing around 100 g.

Additionally, Nachi is planning to expand the payload range from 1 kg up to 25 kg and to expand its lineup of compact robots, including SCARA robots, to allow use of Nachi robots in every customer process.

In addition to compact robots, Nachi offers systems incorporating the CZ Series of collaborative robots, which will help meet all the specific factory automation needs of individual customers.

Features of the MZ01

Occupying 45 per cent of the volume taken up by the MZ04, this robot features compact dimensions and high stiffness. Nachi says it is the world’s smallest vertically articulated robot with a payload of 1 kg.

In addition, unlike SCARA robots of similar payload capacity, the new robot operates with a reduced range of interference to achieve significant space savings.

Clean room specifications allowing installation anywhere

For installation in cleanrooms, this robot in its standard configuration meets cleanroom specifications (equivalent to ISO Class 5). It weighs a mere 10 kg and is easily carried by hand if facility layouts are reconfigured.

Support for various applications

In addition to powerful wrist torque, the standard configuration provides the cables and hoses required for various applications.

Eliminating the need for cable and hoses outside the robot reduces risk of interference with peripherals and dramatically improves customer convenience.

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