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CloudMinds partners with Sprint to develop 5G humanoid robot

CloudMinds has unveiled the XR-1, which it describes as “one of the first intelligent 5G humanoid robots”.

CloudMinds Technology is a provider of cloud artificial intelligence architecture that makes robots and businesses smarter.

The company demonstrated its “revolutionary” XR-1 robot interact with guests at the Sprint exhibit at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles this week.

XR-1 is one of the first-ever humanoid robots powered by cloud artificial intelligence, commercial Sprint True Mobile 5G and proprietary vision-controlled grasping technology for service robots that also leverages human operator input for constant learning.

Bill Huang, founder and CEO of CloudMinds, says: “Overall, intelligent cloud robots paint the most vibrant picture of how 5G’s ultra-low latency, exponentially faster speeds and wider reach can dramatically improve response time and enable a new world of applications.

CloudMinds Technology Launches its Cloud-based Intelligent Service Robot – XR-1

“With vision-controlled grasping and the ability to perform intricate tasks, the XR-1 simply raises the bar and lays the foundation for an even wider range of intelligent compliant cloud service robots from CloudMinds – from wheeled to two-legged form factors.

“We are proud to be ushering in a new era of helpful robots for homes and businesses, with an emphasis on the importance of human input.”

XR-1: Changing the game in cloud AI + robotics

The XR-1 is a highly intelligent service-oriented humanoid robot, representing a new level of technology development and commercialization in the area of intelligent service robotics. A unique combination of groundbreaking technologies brings XR-1 to life:

Intelligence in the cloud, collaboration with humans

Cloud Brain – HARIX (Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with eXtreme Reality):

CloudMinds’ unique Cloud Brain is the world’s premiere hybrid operating platform. Supervised by a human operator, the highly scalable system can host numerous robot “brains” simultaneously.

Vision processing, natural language processing, robotic motion control, vision-guided grasping and manipulation are just some capabilities integrated organically into the platform.

Nerve Network (Ultra-secure intranet): Mission-critical solutions require unprecedented levels of security for connections – from the chip to the cloud.

CloudMinds’ Virtual Backbone Network (VBN) combines the power of high-performance, low latency fixed and mobile network technology; blockchain technologies; and more innovations to manage cloud robotics through connectivity that’s completely isolated from the internet, guaranteeing the ultimate level of security.

Pioneering vision-controlled grasping technology

With proprietary Smart Compliant Actuator technology that enables precision grasping capabilities, coupled with the Cloud Brain / HARIX platform, XR-1 can perform intricate tasks – from fist bumps, to needle threading, grasping objects and more.

XR-1 has more than 30 proprietary smart joints built in its body, enabling it to perform precise movements and manipulations.

Each robot body has a central control unit that controls all smart joints and sensors, and a robot controller that connects the robot to the Cloud Brain / HARIX platform through the secure Nerve Network.