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Russians demonstrate robocop for security work

It’s probably not the best time for the Russians to be unveiling a “robocop”, what with all the paranoia about Russians meddling in previous US elections and influencing candidates for future ones, but that is what a Perm-based company called PromoBot has done, according to Daily Star

The authoritative news outlet, which mainly features pictures if buxom women on its home page, says the new Russian robotic cop will be used for fingerprinting and background checks.

However, since it’s a humanoid robot, it’s flexible enough to be reconfigured for a variety of uses, including carrying firearms.

Daily Star quotes a statement from Promobot which indicates that the police robot is designed to “help police”, and was unveiled at the 23rd Interpolitex security exhibition in Moscow.

Promobot’s statement says: “The robotic policeman can scan fingerprints and identify the faces of individuals, including criminals on a wanted list, communicate with people and move autonomously, avoiding obstacles.”

For the time being, the robot – which appears to be called “Android Robo-C” – will not be left to work on its own, and instead will be managed and controlled by humans.

Promobot says: “Robots may not carry out operations on their own so far and that is why our robot will become a police assistant at crowded places such as airports, in the subway, and at mass events.”

However, given that the Interpolitex event is organised by the Russian Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, and the National Guard of Russia, it’s probably likely that it will take on additional duties beyond what could be described as “administrative”.