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How To Banish Pet Hair In Your Home Using A Robotic Vacuum

Using robotic vacuums is one of the most effective ways to banish pet hair. In a few easy steps, you can even prevent it from coming back. Find out how on this article.

Robotic Vacuum: An Effective Pet Hair Removal Solution

Having a pet in our home can fill it with love instantly. But because cats and dogs regularly shed the entire year, they’ll also fill the rooms in your house with their hair.

Any pet owner knows that pet hair gets everywhere, from your comfortable sofa and floor you just swept to your favorite black sweater. It also accumulates on the fibers of your carpet and in every nook and cranny in the house.

It’s a problem for any member of the family or house guest suffering from mild allergy, and also for those who want to see their home clean at all times.

Fortunately, a robot vacuum can help keep your space spick and span while cutting down the time required for vacuuming.

The smartest robotic vacuum cleaners are efficient, programmable, and can reach the tightest of corners and spots that you may have missed when cleaning.

Not only are they useful, but these gadgets are also convenient since you can control them using voice assistants and via their apps. These innovative gadgets can help lessen the stress of doing household chores while providing you with more free time.

Why Should I Choose A Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Getting Rid Of Pet Hair?

When you have a pet, keeping your home spotless is a tremendous challenge. Your fur buddy sheds a lot and some shed a lot more than others.

In fact, your cat leaves as much as 320,000 hairs around your house in a single day. Imagine having to clean all of this pet hair every single day!

Trying to free your home of pet hair is a stressful job. Aside from vacuuming, you also need to roll your lint rollers every day. And on days when you’re too tired to clean, you may find yourself wishing there was a simpler way to banish all that unwanted pet hair.

The solution to your predicament is a robot vacuum cleaner. No doubt, traditional vacuum cleaners have made home cleaning easier.

However, robotic vacuums are much better at reducing pet hair and at keeping your entire house spotless with little to no effort on your part.

Of course, you still need a bit of vacuuming here and there as these robots can’t access areas such as your stairs and couch. So you have to clean those spots yourself from time to time.

But since robot vacuum cleaners are capable of handling all the maintenance vacuuming, they can significantly cut down the time necessary for vacuum cleaning.

Additionally, you can program your robot daily, making them an excellent choice for pet owners. It will pick up every bit of dust, pet hair and dander that gets in its way, resulting in a cleaner home with less hair and dust floating around.

Which Robot Vacuum Features To Consider

It’s pretty challenging to find the right automated vacuum that meets your cleaning needs. The features, price, and performance of these gadgets vary considerably.

And if you’re shopping around with your pet hair issues in mind, there are other vital factors you need to consider aside from navigation and WiFi connectivity.

  • Battery Life. This feature matters a lot, especially if you have a bigger home. Most high-end robovacs can last for up to two hours. Once their battery is low, they’ll stop cleaning and make their way back to their charging dock and automatically recharge. However, there are models that you need to carry back to their charging stations.
  • Suction Power. Pet hair is notorious for being persistent and stubborn at clinging on carpeting. That’s why it’s vital to look for a robotic vacuum that has a suction power strong enough to handle and pull up the thinnest threads of pet hair that gets stuck between the fibers of your carpet.
  • Filter. Most people are allergic to pet hair, so make sure to consider its filtration system when selecting the best robot for your home. Fortunately, the majority of modern household cleaners come with a built-in HEPA filter that can eliminate even the tiniest of particles. Not only can it get rid of pet hair from the flooring, but it can also capture dander, pollen, and dust.
  • Dirt Container Size. Opt for a device with a good size dirt cup, especially if your pet sheds a lot or if you have more than one pet. If the container is quite small, the pet hair that your robovac picks up along the way may get tightly jammed and block its airflow, resulting in reduced suction power.
  • Brush Roll Type. Brush rolls with stiff bristles are effective at removing pet dander and hair, as well as digging into surfaces. However, some robot cleaners come with a combination of blades and bristles for more efficient cleaning results. Some even feature rubberized rolls, which are effective at pulling pet hair and other types of dirt.

Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Banishing pet hair in your home is not as difficult as it seems. The key here is knowing the best cleaning techniques and having the best cleaning equipment.

Here are some simple pet hair cleaning hacks you should consider:

  • Regular Pet Grooming. You can groom your pet at home regularly with the right tools. There are plenty of top-rated pet grooming brushes you can buy online. Brushing your pets constantly is like vacuuming their hair before it hits your flooring and other surfaces in your home. Make sure to do it outside if possible. Also, your pet will love getting a little TLC from you.
  • Use a Pet Blanket to Cover Surfaces. Cover and protect the favorite spot of your pet on your carpet, sofa, or bed with a rug or pet blanket, which you can throw in your washing machine every week. Also, it’s necessary to wash your pet’s bed often. If it’s starting to smell, then it’s time to wash it.
  • Schedule Your Robot to Clean When You’re Out and About. If you have a hectic schedule, scheduling your robotic vacuum to clean when you’re out can help keep your pet hair concern under control. So that’s one less chore on your weekend to-do list.

Aside from these, there are also things around your home that can help remove pet hair:

  • Lint Roller. You probably have a clothes lint roller or two. These affordable, small tools are good at picking up pet hair from curtains and upholstery.
  • Rubber Gloves. Rubber gloves are excellent at picking up pet hair from tight spots and corners. Wear and dampen them, and then wipe your hands across pet beds, curtains, furniture, and other surfaces.
  • Squeegee. The tool works like rubber gloves. Dampen it and the use it to get rid of pet hair from corners, staircases, and carpets.
  • Old Socks. Turn your old sports sock inside out, dampen it a bit, and pop it onto your hand. Use the sock to wipe pet hair off the furniture. You may also slip it onto your foot to take care of your hard flooring.


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