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HRG launches new ‘automated guided vehicle’

HRG has launched what it describes as an “automated guided vehicle”, although it appears to have the technology that is also found in autonomous mobile robots, which are slightly different.

AGVs are older technology and are limited in their ability to navigate their way round a facility – usually, magnetic strips are fixed to the floor to guide them.

HRG says its AGV integrates “simultaneous localization and mapping”, or SLAM, the navigation technology that gives AMRs their autonomy.

The HRG Light-load indoor laser navigation AGV can produce a 2D map of the facility through laser radar and navigate its own way round.

HRG showcased its AGV at the recent South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser technology Expo – or LEAP Expo.

There are two AGVs in the HRG range – one is capable of carrying loads of 200 kg, and the other can carry up to 300 kg.