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Vape Mods Explained

New vaping technology is quickly changing – bringing onboard new vaping devices like vape mods.

Unlike simple devices such as e-cigarettes, vape mods are relatively complex and accurate.

So, if you want to get the most out of your vaping, try vape mods from Blazed Vapes. The following facts will help you understand vape mods.

Understanding What a Mod is

A vape mod is a modified device used for vaping. In the past, people used e-cigarettes. As technology advanced, vape pens were invented.

Lately, vape mods are taking the vaping industry by storm – thanks to the cutting edge technology used.

They are customizable. In a nutshell, vape mods are fancy, modern, and advanced vaporizers.

The Components

Vape mods don’t use electrical power for vaporization purposes—making them a popular choice for those who are health conscious.

Typically, a vape mode uses a coil to fire its coil. This means that you can set it to your desired temperature.

This results in stronger and more vapor. Generally, the following are major components of a vape mod:


As the most important part of the vape mod, batteries are designed with superior technology – which gives vapers memorable vaping experiences.

So, if you are looking for that vapetopia effect, vape mods got you covered. The battery is connected to the atomizer.

It’s also important to note that it doesn’t have any wiring – making vape mods stronger.

However, you should learn vital safety measures when it comes to handling these devices. Most mods use Lithium-ion 18650 batteries that are rechargeable.

The Tank

Another important component of a vape mod is the tank. Usually used as a reservoir, the tank stores your e-juice. You can use a tank or a rebuildable tank atomizer (abbreviated as RTA) for your mod. With RTA, you can save a lot of time because it is easy to switch from one flavor to another.

The Coil

Vaporization occurs in the coil. As a vital part of a vape mod’s atomizer, the coil is used to deliver the vape you want. You can either go for rebuildable coils or a reliable one from the manufacturer.

Whichever the case, you should go for a coil that is capable of delivering the right strength when it comes to vape.


Learn how to care for your vape mod. From how to clean it to the best handling techniques, caring for your vape mod plays a key role when it comes to functionality.

If you want it to last long, clean it. Also, cleaning your mod will eliminate things like bad odor, ashes, etc.

The Bottom Line

With the advancement of technology in the vaping world, it seems that you are living in the future – where possibilities are endless. In particular, the invention of vape mods has transformed the vaping sphere.

Plus, these advanced devices are helping vapers get the best vaping experience.

So, if you haven’t tried vape mods and you are wondering where to start, don’t worry. The above information is all you need to kick start your vaping journey. Happy vaping!