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Epson Robots to launch new parts feeding solution at Assembly Show

Epson Robots will demonstrate its latest robots that benefit a wide variety of parts assembly applications at the upcoming Assembly Show event.

The company will also announce an IntelliFlex Feeding System line expansion with a new feeder size that can accommodate part sizes between 30-150 mm.

In addition, Epson’s Rick Brookshire will lead a discussion on Introduction to Parts Feeding: Parts Singulation for Robotic Automation.

In the Robots Showcase, Epson will be displaying the VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot, the latest entry level offering with a 6 kg payload and 900 mm reach.

Epson says this robot features “groundbreaking technology at an ultra-low cost of $13,900”, adding that it is ideal for simple applications such as load/unload, packaging and parts assembly.

The award-winning N-series 6-Axis robots feature the world’s first compact folding arm technology.

With the ability to fold under themselves, these robots reduce intermediate points and shorten cycle times, providing the ultimate in motion and workspace efficiency.

The Flexion N6 will demonstrate expertise in material handling and fulfillment center package processing.

SCARA robots

The T3 All-in-One SCARA robot, offered at the price of $7,495, will demonstrate a vision-guided pick and place/sorting application, and the T6 All-in-One SCARA robot, available at the cost of $9,495 will be on display as an interactive product demo.

These robots feature a unique all-in-one design with a built-in controller and power for end-of-arm tooling and provide the perfect way to automate factories without wasting time or money on expensive, complex, slide-based solutions.

Ideal for heavy payload applications, the new LS10-B SCARA robot will show how well it performs automotive quality inspection.

As a refresh to the current LS-series, it offers notable new and improved features including faster cycle times, a lower cable duct profile, ideal for hard to reach work cell layouts, built-in camera cable for easy vision system setup, new top-of-arm layout for enhanced usability, and a batteryless encoder to minimize downtime and reduce overall cost of ownership.

Integrated solutions

The two IntelliFlex Feeding System solutions, powered by Epson Robots’ IntelliFlex Software and Vision Guide, will demonstrate a high-speed kitting flexible feeding application.

Epson’s IntelliFlex Feeding solutions deliver simplistic and affordable feeding solutions that are innovative alternatives to the bowl and flexible feeder solutions available in the market today.

The C4 6-Axis robot will be shown with Epson Force Guide, an intuitive robot force guidance system for high precision performance.

Powered by proprietary Epson Quartz Technology, it enables Epson robots to detect six axes of force with precision down to 0.1 N.

Driven by real-time servo system integration, Force Guide delivers fast, tactile feedback to guide robots for high-precision parts placement.