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CloudMinds opens cloud robotics support centre in Chile

CloudMinds Technology, a provider of cloud artificial intelligence architecture for robots, has opened a new support centre in Santiago, Chile.

The company says the office will expand support for customers across Mexico and South America. The new operation will report to the company’s global co-headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

said Robert Zhang, company co-founder and president of international business development, says: “Our new operation in Latin America is a reflection of the continued global momentum CloudMinds has been building, driven by our proprietary cloud artificial intelligence architecture and cloud robot solutions that are already helping to transform various industry verticals around the world.

“Our expansion will always be based on our values-driven belief that machines and humankind must work together – with human operators and support staff always in mind as our clientele and reach grows.”

Andro Lindsay, head of CloudMinds Technology Latin America, says: “We’re excited to be part of CloudMinds’ expansion, aimed at creating critical support for existing and new customers throughout Mexico and South America.

“We’ve proudly chosen Chile for our new office location – leveraging the country’s position as a globally connected hub, as well as an entrance to strong international trade.

“I’m thrilled to be part of building our global businesses with groundbreaking cloud AI solutions, backed by more than 1,000 pending patents.”

CloudMinds “Cloud Pepper”, based on SoftBank Robotics’ “Pepper”, the world’s first personal humanoid robot – and driven by CloudMinds proprietary and secure cloud-based artificial intelligence platform has already made appearances in Latin America on initiatives aimed at progress toward fighting climate change.

The intelligent cloud robot made an appearance at SOS Crisis Climática in Chile, speaking candidly about the importance of sustainability and other topics related to climate change.

CloudMinds robots are also set to take part in a United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 25 Chile 2019, this coming December.

The new CloudMinds operation will be headed by Andro Lindsay, an industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience in business development, operations, project management, international business, commercial and strategic planning, and marketing.

With Chile positioned as a globally-connected business hub, the company also selected the region for its advantages in Free Trade Agreement abundance, high standard of connectivity and advanced technological infrastructure.