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Arsenal launches three new robotic dispensing systems on the Universal Robot platform

New cartridge based robotic dispensing systems for low and medium volume manufacturing processes

Arsenal, an Austin, Texas based developer of robotic dispensing systems and turnkey integration solutions, has recently released three new cartridge-based dispensing systems.

Arsenal’s dispensing systems leverage the flexible and easy to use Universal Robot platform which makes them ideal for low and medium volume manufacturing processes.

Cartridge-based robotic dispensing solutions bridge the gap between time consuming, unpredictable manual dispensing and high volume pumping systems.

Arsenal’s systems are designed to reduce the time and expenses required to develop and implement a robust dispensing process.

Chris Swaim, Arsenal founder,  says, “Traditional robotic dispensing solutions are either based off of outdated g-code based gantry systems or require large robots to handle high volume pumping systems.

“With Arsenal’s cartridge based systems manufacturers now have a cost effective and rapidly implemented solution that can drive significant increases in throughput with consistent quality.”

With the addition of the three new dispensing systems Arsenal now has a full line of systems that include solutions for 3-55 cc syringes, 300 ml cartridges, 50 ml dual cartridges, and 200-1500 ml dual cartridges.

By leveraging the Universal Robot platform, Arsenal says its dispensing systems are:

  • Easy to use: all programming is through UR’s Polyscope teach pendant. No extra controllers or previous programming knowledge are required;
  • Fast to deploy: the plug and play system for the Universal Robot means a process can be up and running in days, not weeks or months; and
  • Affordable: at 50 percent of the price of a comparable robotic pumping system, customers often realize an return on investment of one year or less.

Arsenal is dedicated to developing high quality, easy to use robotic solutions for our customers to manufacture products profitably in the United States now and in the future.