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Panasonic’s exoskeleton to be used at Paralympics

Panasonic, an Official Worldwide Paralympic Partner, says it will be providing its Power Assist Suit – an exoskeleton – for use at World Para Powerlifting events and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The suits will be worn by spotter / loader personnel tasked with moving weights and spotting lifters during the competition.

The suits feature built-in sensors that detect limb movements and motors synchronized to provide wearers with mechanized power for performing strenuous tasks easily and safely.

Atoun Model Y, the Power Assist Suit model chosen for the event, reduces stress on the user’s waist when lifting or lowering objects from the floor to waist height.

The suit was originally designed to support personnel who frequently handle heavy loads, including at airports, factories and logistics, construction or agricultural sites.

World Para Powerlifting officially selected Panasonic’s Power Assist Suit for use during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Panasonic is an official supplier of the international federation, based on an agreement signed by Panasonic and the WPPO recently.

Para powerlifting is a bench-press competition for athletes with disabilities in their lower limbs.

Competitions are organized into 10 weight classes ranging from 49 kg to 107+ kg for men and 41 kg to 86+ kg for women.

In large tournaments, it is not unusual for each spotter/loader to handle more than 100 weights of between 10 kg and 50 kg.

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