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JTEKT partners with Plug and Play to invest in startups

Automotive components and systems maker JTEKT is partnering with Plug and Play, an innovation platform, to work on supporting and nurturing start-ups together.

The two companies have signed a partnership agreement aimed at technological innovation and new business creation in new areas.

In recent years, various social issues have emerged, such as:

  • major changes related the automobile industry trend known as “CASE”, short for “connected, autonomous, sharing, electric”;
  • more sophisticated manufacturing facilities, called smart factories;
  • decreasing labor populations; and
  • environmental concern.

To solve these issues, JTEKT promotes research and development and technological innovation not only in existing businesses but also in new fields.

To put this into practice, JTEKT needs to create innovation and new business areas by accelerating development speeds not only by utilizing its own seeds but also by combining with superior technologies possessed of start-ups and other external parties.

JTEKT signed up a partnership with Plug and Play, which has already established global network with many start-ups.

JTEKT plans to speed up its research and development processes with supporting start-ups and acquiring their technologies and knowledge.

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