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Comau ‘Mate’ exoskeleton used in CC Jensen’s manufacturing processes

Danish company CC Jensen is using exoskeletons from Comau in its manufacturing processes.

Comau calls its exoskeleton ‘Mate’ and has been supplying it to the market for around a year.

CC Jensen specialises in the design and manufacturing of oil filtration solutions, and says it uses Mate to better support workers in carrying out their daily activities.

The Danish company wanted to explain the concrete advantages obtained by using the innovative technology, through the story of one of its workers, the protagonist of a documentary broadcast on Danish national TV, DR Nyheder – developed in collaboration with Comau’s distributor Egatec.

CC Jensen builds oil filters for large ships and wind turbines. This work requires repetitive lifting activities for its employees.

This is the reason why Comau’s exoskeleton was adopted by workers like Kim, a CC Jensen’s metal employee who talked about his experience with Mate.

At the CC Jansen plant, Kim produces 100 pumps a day, having to keep his arms in a vertical position for a long time. Over time, this type of work – as the he explained during the video – puts his body to the test.

Comau Mate exoskeleton supports these factory workers by reducing their muscular fatigue. It has an ergonomic structure that eases repetitive movements and relieves workers’ effort.

As we can hear during the interview, considering that Kim will still have to work several years before he can retire, the opportunity to use a tool that can improve the quality of his life at work is a very important.

Comau says Mate was designed to do just that – improve the quality of work in an efficient and highly ergonomic way, providing the wearer with consistent and advanced support for their movements, both during prolonged overhead and daily activities.

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