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Universal Robots reports sales of 37,000 units and launches new collaborative robot

Universal Robots has launched a new collaborative robot with a higher payload capacity than the other three currently in its range – the new one has a 16 kg payload capability.

The company says its new UR16e expands collaborative robot solutions, adding heavy payload capability for manufacturers seeking to accelerate automation.

Universal Robots is the largest collaborative robot manufacturer in the world, having sold more units than other companies in the category.

UR16e combines the high payload with a reach of 900 mm and pose repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm making it ideal for automating tasks such as heavy-duty material handling, heavy-part handling and machine tending.

Jürgen von Hollen, president of Universal Robots, says: “In today’s uncertain economic climate manufacturers need to look at flexible solutions to stay competitive.

The new UR16e industrial robot at work

“With UR16e, we meet the need for a collaborative robot that can tackle heavy-duty tasks reliably and efficiently.

“This launch significantly expands the versatility of our product portfolio and gives manufacturers even more ways to improve performance, overcome labour challenges, and grow their business.”

Developed on UR’s innovative e-Series platform, the UR16e “offers immense benefits, capabilities and value for manufacturers”, according to Universal Robots.

These include:

Fast and frictionless deployment with easy programming and a small footprint

UR16e makes accelerating automation easy and fast. Programming and integration is simple – regardless of the user’s experience or knowledge base.

Like all UR’s cobots, UR16e can be unpacked, mounted and programmed to perform a task within less then an hour.

With a small footprint and 900 mm reach, UR16e easily integrates into any production environment without disruption.

Addresses ergonomic challenges while lowering cost

With a 16 kg payload, UR16e eliminates the ergonomic and productivity challenges associated with lifting and moving heavy parts and products, lowering costs, and reducing downtime.

Ideal for heavy-duty material handling and machine tending

Rugged and reliable, UR16e is ideal for automating high-payload and CNC machine tending applications, including multi-part handling, without compromising on precision.

Von Hollen says: “At Universal Robots we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with collaborative automation.

“Today, we’re making it easier than ever for every manufacturer to capitalize on the power of automation by bringing a cobot to market that is built to do more as it delivers more payload than our other cobots.”

Like with UR’s other e-Series cobots; UR3e, UR5e and UR10e, the UR16e includes built-in force sensing, 17 configurable safety functions, including customizable stopping time and stopping distance, and an intuitive programming flow.

UR16e meets the most demanding compliance regulations and safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration, including EN ISO 13849-1, PLd, Category 3, and full EN ISO 10218-1.

Built to do more 

UR has changed the paradigm of automation in manufacturing. While its portfolio of cobots have been empowering manufacturers to compete, win and grow for a decade, today’s solution is built to do even more.

Unlike traditional automation solutions that are costly, complex and dangerous, UR gives manufacturers of any size what they need to accelerate automation with cobots that are easy-to-deploy, with intuitive programming and zero disruption to production lines or workflows.

Today, UR has more than 37,000 collaborative robots on the job around the world. They perform tedious and critical tasks across several thousand production environments, including assembly, pick and place, polishing, palletizing, machine tending and screw- and nut driving.

With UR+, an open ecosystem of certified products, and UR Academy, free-of-charge online robot training, implementing the best possible cobot solution for the unique requirements of any manufacturing operation is seamless and cost-effective, with quick payback, low total cost of ownership and high return on investment.

UR16e’s strength and advanced features will be showcased live for the first time at this week’s China International Industry Fair which takes place in Shanghai (September 17-21, 2019) followed by Pack Expo in Las Vegas next week (September 23-25, 2019).

In the UK, the UR16e will make its debut appearance at the Robotics and Automation Exhibition, taking place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 29th and the 30th of October.

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