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Nissan invents golf ball that always finds its own way into the hole

Nissan has taken the dreaded “putting nerves” out of golf with its latest innovative concept, the ProPilot golf ball. (See video below)

The concept is inspired by Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 driver assistance technology, set to debut on the new Nissan Skyline next month in Japan.

Designed for on-ramp to off-ramp (ramp-to-ramp) highway driving, ProPilot 2.0 engages with the vehicle’s navigation system to help maneuver the car according to a predefined route on designated roadways.

The system is the first in the world to combine this with hands-off driving capability while cruising in a single lane.

Similar to the Skyline’s ProPilot 2.0 advanced technology, the ProPilot golf ball supports golfers by following a predefined route to its goal.

Players can feel confident that they will reach their target effortlessly on each putt.

Using technology influenced by Nissan Intelligent Mobility – the company’s vision for how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society – the ball navigates its way across the green and into the cup on the first putt, providing a stress-free golf experience.

An overhead camera detects the position of the ball and cup. When the ball is hit, a monitoring system calculates the correct route based on the ball’s movement and adjusts its trajectory.

Combining sensing technology with an internal electric motor, the ProPilot golf ball stays on route until reaching the cup – making even novice golfers, of all ages, feel like pros.

Nissan’s ProPilot golf ball is the latest in a series of concepts inspired by Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies.

Previous examples include the Intelligent Parking Chair, the ProPilot Chair and the ProPilot Park Ryokan (featuring self-parking slippers).

Our view is that the ProPilot golf ball rather defeats the object of playing a sport. It’s not a product that will help you improve your actual golfing skill, but we do take the point that it’s purpose is not actually in golf, it’s more to demonstrate Nissan’s autonomous driving technology for cars.

However, the ProPilot chair would have its uses. For example, elderly people or parents with babies or others who might be waiting in line, perhaps at an airport, may appreciate being able to sit while they do so.

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