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Dow showcasing new materials aimed at automotive sector at Battery Show

Dow Performance Silicones is showcasing new materials aimed at the automotive sector at the ongoing Battery Show North America.

The silicon-based technology and innovations include new materials and capabilities for electric vehicle and battery packs.

The company says the technologies are intended to help designers and engineers to manage thermal, adhesion, sealing and throughput challenges.

Specifically, Dow is featuring at its booth its newest adhesion and conductive materials innovations:

  • DOWSIL EA-4700 CV Adhesive; and
  • DOWSIL EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive.

Other Dow technologies are also on display at the show.

Bruce Hilman, Dow global segment leader for transportation electronics, says: “Dow’s broad and deep technical capabilities, and our global insights into evolving design requirements and battery industry needs, allow us to offer a robust pipeline of fresh, high-performance material solutions.

“Through close collaboration with our customers, we are developing advanced new silicone technologies that address broadly relevant manufacturing objectives, such as room-temperature-cure adhesives that reduce both cycle times and the environmental impact of energy-intensive oven curing.”

Latest silicone solutions on display

DOWSIL EA-4700 CV Adhesive for transportation supports faster curing for increased throughput and bonds at room temperature to traditional metals and plastics used in electronics assembly.

The material provides the durable adhesion and environmental sealing to substrates used in automotive electronic modules, including aluminum, polybutylene terephthalate and polyphenylene sulfate.

DOWSIL EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive improves shielding effectiveness and stability in high mechanical stress environments with improved flexibility. The company says its “unique chemistry” enables engineers to use it as either a formed-in-place gasket or cure-in-place gasket.

Dow’s exhibit at The Battery Show North America also includes an Interactive Vehicle App, a digital tool highlighting where Dow materials solutions can address specific application challenges.

Dow’s broad portfolio of thermal management materials are also on display; these products help battery pack engineers and designers to balance difficult thermal materials selection tradeoffs.

The company is also featuring a battery module mockup that shows liquid-dispensed silicone encapsulants, gels and foams, which, with low viscosities, are ideal for filling in and around geometrically complex battery module components to reduce the impact of stress and shock and to slow the propagation of a thermal event between individual cells.