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Misty Robotics starts shipping new robot to backers

Misty Robotics has started shipping the second version of its small robot to the company’s backers.

Writing on the company’s blog, Ian Bernstein, founder and head of product, says: “Misty has already begun to land on doorsteps and she’ll continue to be delivered in the coming weeks. If you’re a backer, keep an eye out.”

Misty II will be shipping with software version 1.0.3 beta and the Misty SDK will be publically available to all developers enabling skill building using JavaScript.

Some of Misty’s capabilities will be complete and ready-to-go upon arrival while other software updates will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Some capabilities will be available the day Misty arrives on the doorstep. They include:

  • Facial detection and recognition: Misty knows when there is a human in its presence and can learn who that person is.
  • Expansive field of view: Misty can view wide areas from a stationary position.
  • Mobile sound localization: Misty is able to identify the direction of and turn towards its human upon receiving directions after its activation.
  • Image and graphic display: Misty can share images and graphics on its face/screen.
  • Audio playback: Misty can play back audio files as a part of a skill.
  • Voice integration: Ability to integrate with NLP services.

The partially complete capabilities include spatial awareness, video capture with a single 10-second video, and 3D mapping / SLAM integration.