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CloudMinds to supply 14,000 cleaning robots to two clients

CloudMinds Technology says it has been contracted to provide 10,000 intelligent cleaning robots to Jin Yu Ao Environmental Technology for government schools, large entertainment venues, national research institutes, office buildings and residential units.

CloudMinds will also deliver up to 3,700 various types of cloud service robots to Zhongtai Min’an Security Services Group to “enhance property management operations”.

CloudMinds Technology specialises in cloud artificial intelligence architecture that “makes robots and businesses smarter”.

The company says the two new deals shows its “unrivaled capabilities” in the development of purpose-engineered robots – powered by its groundbreaking Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence – Harix, or ”Cloud Brain – platform.

CloudMinds describes Harix as an ultra-secure virtual backbone intranet “Nerve Network”, and says it has resulted in the order of thousands of intelligent robot units.

Robert Zhang, company co-founder and vice president of international business development at CloudMinds, says: “We are honored that Jin Yu Ao and Zhongtai Min’an have placed their trust in CloudMinds and our mission to develop and deliver purpose-built cloud service robots that dramatically enhance business operations.

“From smart security, emergency, property management to intelligent cleaning services, our cloud robots – alongside human operators – will make a positive impact on both companies, as well as on all parts of society that they touch.

“We believe robots and humankind must work together to drive the world forward – and the thousands of robots that will soon be deployed in that region is reflective of these values.”

Jin Yu Ao orders 10,000 cleaning robots

CloudMinds will provide up to 10,000 intelligent robots to enhance Jin Yu Ao’s cleaning services for government schools, large venues, exhibition halls, national research institutes, medium and high-end office buildings and high-end residential buildings across the Beijing region.

Jin Yu Ao has been a leading force in introducing next-generation 5G connectivity into the cleaning industry – establishing a high-performance 5G smart cleaning command center, as well as adopting advanced domestic cleaning equipment that leverages this connectivity.

The combination of 5G connectivity with CloudMinds technologies is set to revolutionize the larger industry – leveraging big data to create value-added cleaning experiences through smarter service robots.

CloudMinds intelligent cleaning robots will greatly reduce labor and management costs, greatly improve service quality and efficiency, as well as broaden service areas and scope.

Zhongtai orders 3,700 robots

Zhongtai Min’an is a leading security services and property management company – with more than 1,000 customers across multiple industry verticals.

From smart security, emergency to smart property management, the company’s advanced solutions will be greatly impacted with the introduction of CloudMinds intelligent robots.

Intensive collaboration will result in CloudMinds robots elevating functions like reception, information, cleaning, security and advanced property management services for thousands of communities – ultimately transforming the larger property management industry.