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PC running slow? Speed up your computer by cleaning it with CCleaner

By William Downhill, MoltenSoft

Every computer gets there at some point. Everything is running slower, the fans are turning at ten thousand rpm, and every so often the screen just freezes arbitrarily, even if there isn’t anything running.

Regular users immediately think “I must have a virus!”

But that’s not always right. Often times, the only thing making your computer run like a turtle through a vat of cold honey is just that your computer needs to be cleaned up.

As an IT professional, I keep a lot of tools in my arsenal and I thoroughly research every tool I use before putting it on computers I work with.

There are a lot of programs that claim to “clean the mess up” out there, but most of them just don’t get the job done right. They miss things, or they uninstall programs that are important, or they delete critical files that are necessary for programs I use every day to run.

Simply put, none of them work as well as CCleaner. It’s easy to download CCleaner and even easier to use. You just install the program from the CCleaner website and it takes care of the rest for you.

CCleaner is a truly intelligent and automated process. When the window comes up, you just hit the “scan and clean” button and it will find all of the unnecessary temporary files, outdated installation folders, and basically anything that is only getting in the way by being there, and get rid of it.

It also updates outdated applications (remember that Java pop-up you get every day? This takes care of that too) and cleans up the registry so your computer can find all of the files it needs to run whatever application, program, or game you are trying to start up.

This program is an award-winning one, having been rated “Excellent” by Software Informer and CNet’s Editor’s Choice award. It has also been rated four stars by PC World.

All of these sites are renowned for their extensive testing of any software they advertise, so it is safe to say this one truly gets the job done.

Word of mouth is still one of CCleaner’s biggest advertising areas – tech junkies and professionals tell their friends about it, and then their friends download it too. They almost don’t have to buy advertisements because the product essentially sells itself, all because of how easy it is to use and how convenient it is.

The best part is, the basic package for CCleaner is absolutely free. You don’t get a lot of the advanced protection out of it, but it still cleans out any junk files, cookies, and fixes any errors in system files it finds.

You can also pay only twenty dollars ($20) and upgrade to the professional package, which features real-time monitoring and automated scheduled cleanings, so you can just set it and forget it! To put in perspective, that’s less than buying a designer coffee every day for a week.

I keep CCleaner on a USB flash drive on my keychain, because I trust it just that much. CCleaner should be a regular part of your computer maintenance. Coupled with disk defragmentation, operating system updates, and a regular antivirus scan, it will easily extend the life of your computer by another few years!


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