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GreyOrange partners with eight supply chain companies in the US

GreyOrange, a warehouse and supply chain robotics company, says it has reached partnership agreements with eight warehouse industry leaders in the United States.

The companies are:

  • Avik Services;
  • Bricz;
  • Hy-Tek;
  • Info-Sun;
  • McCombs-Wall;
  • S&H Systems;
  • TREW; and
  • UST Global.

These companies will join forces with GreyOrange to help sell, integrate and service GreyOrange technology.

Chris Barber, vice president and CEO, North America, GreyOrange, says: “We partner with some of the most prominent warehouse logistics and supply chain organizations in the world, and our goal is not simply to optimize their operations, but to co-create a warehouse automation system that can scale to fit the needs of their desired future state.

“We deliver the technology that helps them achieve the transformation that’s at the core of their business plans.”

These new partnerships demonstrate that GreyOrange is expanding to deliver the leadership and expertise their clients need to transform their businesses for the future.

The company’s growth has been fueled in the past year by Mithril Capital, co-founded by Peter Thiel and Ajay Royan, which led a $140 million investment in GreyOrange that also included participation from Blume Ventures, Mitsubishi, Flipkart and Project Verte.

The funding has enabled GreyOrange to expand operations in the US to include a research and development lab in Boston and the buildout of US headquarters in the Atlanta tech corridor to lead manufacturing, delivery and operations.

From solution detailing to implementation and collaboration on specific projects, GreyOrange will work to provide its partners with business, technical, sales and marketing resources to enable them to grow their business and better support their customers.